Time To Get Excited AGAIN!


Quite frankly, we did not really understand FGXpress when we were first introduced to it. We saw a glimmer of something that could be great, but we were not at a time in our life that we were ready to take on new challenge.

Forever Green, a 10 year old publicly traded company headquartered in Orem, Utah, had spun off a new marketing division, called FGXpress, that, at the outset, was designed as a truly international company with what it calls “Envelope Products” that for $4.95 or less can be mailed in an envelope anywhere in the world. And the products were both unique and highly effective.

But we kept watching as FGXpress grew from pre-launch towards launch, and, month by month, we started to see more of the possibilities… something that we should pay attention to. But not quite enough to knock us out of our lethargy…

About 6 months ago, FGXpress introduced the Forever Green Farmer’s Market products. This added a real sustainability to FGXpress … High Value products that distributors and customers would consume every day… Carolyn and I now use several of the Farmer’s Market products every day now.

One of our favorite products is the FIXX® chocolate meal replacement shake. It is the best tasting and most filling shake we have ever had and we have had many! It is our breakfast most days. When you look at the ingredients, you see that it is also loaded with good stuff, all organic with no GMOs and a great part of a weight management program.

OK, we knew the products were great and worked. But we had not internalized the vision. The launch convention was it.

Although we were not yet motivated to actually go to Las Vegas, we were motivated to watch it as it was broadcasted LIVE on line! I am glad we did. Forever Green broadcast all of the Launch Convention using livestream.com technology. We were able to sit at our desks and watch the 5 General Sessions live…

(Actually, if you are sufficiently motivated, you can also still watch as the sessions have been archived.

No, I really do not expect you to sit through and watch the hours of the 5 sessions. Unless you want to…)

Watching the convention seriously oriented us to what FGXpress was all about.

The above short movie is how they opened the convention. It is a history of Forever Green in about 4 minutes.

The first day was Inspiration to remind us of the company vision and values; the second day was Product focused; the last day was Business and Recognition focused.

What impressed me most about the company is that they have so much of a people oriented vision. They really see people as their most important product.

This following video encapsulates a lot of the motivation of the company. This is our CEO Ron Williams pushing his baby around a super market and sharing his health philosophy that has been behind Forever Green.

Blah Blah Blah…. you have heard it all before. Not really…

We did meet and talk with CEO Ron Williams in Connecticut last fall. Our take on him is that he is genuine and a bit of a visionary. He is a serious person who does not take himself too seriously. I like that.

But FGXpress is a serious business. The parent company Forever Green has been a publicly traded company for over 10 years. It has to file all of the reports that every other company of its type does. You can really see if the company is BS’ing you about how well its business is going. And, if you wish, you can even buy stock in the company as it trades under the stock symbol FVRG. You can become both a member and an owner.

The FGXpress business was introduced in late 2013 and was so successful that the company’s sales tripled in 2014, all while the model was in pre-launch! What the Convention demonstrated that FGXpress is now the marketing engine for Forever Green.

Let me share a few really important business statistics that were presented at the convention:

1/ FGXpress is now mailing to 212 countries and has 33 local offices or warehouses servicing 92 countries.

2/ In 2014, they mailed out over 2 million envelope products (power strips, solar strips, beauty strips).

3/ They had revenues of over $100M and paid out over $46M in distributor commissions.
FGXpress 2014  Income Statistics by rank.

FGXpress 2014 Income Statistics by rank.

Remember, as a publicly traded company, Forever Green has to report expenses, and distributor commissions are an expense!

If you would like to see an 11 minute overview of Forever Green, please watch this video.

Here is the new corporate web site:

Look for descriptions of all the products, the details of the compensation plan, a gallery of videos, etc etc.

FGXpress also launched a purely retail replicating web site where your CUSTOMERS can just buy the farmers market products:

This goes with the improved business site where you can show the business, AND where customers who want to buy the “envelope” products (eg, Power Strips) can just buy them from you at retail.

And why should everyone want to have their own family business? Besides the income, the tax benefits of having your own business will be a multiplier on your income.

We get it now.

We are ready to get back in the saddle and go to work and create a legacy for our family. And we would really like you to join us in this adventure. It will be fun to get passionate about something again and build this together.

Let’s talk!

Carolyn & John Lisle
Nashua, New Hampshire USA